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Instant Read Digital Thermometer

Instant Read Digital Thermometer

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An accurate and stable temperature can make all the difference to how your recipes turn out, regarding both palatability and safety. You don't need to risk accidentally over or under cooking your meal and wasting expensive food ingredients - MasterPro's Instant Read Digital Thermometer measures temperatures between -50 to 300 degrees Celsius for ultimate precision.

Featuring a 304 stainless steel probe attached to an adjustable LCD head that swivels for easy reading at any angle.

Ideal for use at high temperatures where precision is vital, such as when deep frying in hot oil or preparing sugar syrup for confectionary.

Also suitable for lower temperatures such as when tempering chocolate or simmering water for sous-vide.
Super easy to use simply press the ON, insert probe at least 3cm into food or liquid.
Before removing probe, press the HOLD button and keep pressed to lock in an accurate temperature reading for viewing after the thermometer is removed, and there you go! Includes a convenient protective sheath.

Takes one LR44 battery (included). Simply open back compartment with a screwdriver to replace (recommended yearly).

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