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Jellycat Bashful Sparklet Bunny Medium

Jellycat Bashful Sparklet Bunny Medium

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Sliding in on a moonbeam, Bashful Sparklet Bunny is dreamy-soft in soothing sage fur.

This beautiful bunny has long, flopsy ears, speckled with silvery stars.
Cuddle close for enchanted slumbers and nuzzles from that suedey pink nose.
Make a wish together!

Each Bashful has a bag of beads incorporated into its design to help make it sit. All beads are enclosed within a cotton fibre inner bag. Beads are made of polyethylene (HDPE: high density polyethylene).

Suitable from birth.
Size: 15x12x31cm
92% Polyester/8% Rayon
Hand wash only
Made in China