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A perfect candle for every occasion

We are massive candle enthusiasts! Over the years we have stocked many different brands and picked out the ones that just didn’t make the ‘life changing’ criteria. It’s not always about the smell - how the candle burns and how it looks is very important. It’s also the reasoning behind why the candle was gifted or purchased. And you know what… there really isn’t any occasion that doesn’t deserve a candle. Here are a few……

1. New member to the family – Welcoming a new member to the family is a very emotional and happy time of our lives. Lighting a candle is like the beginning of something beautiful, you’re about to enjoy that amazing smell for hours. Just like bringing a little one into the world but those hours are years of memories. Light one of our beautiful candles and take in all those precious moments with your new little bundle of joy.

2. New home feeling – Aussies love a good house warming celebration! You have just purchased your first house - that’s definitely something to celebrate!! With the current circumstances and the dreaded C word, these celebrations can’t always be enjoyed the way we want. Instead, it has become a lot more intimate. Light a beautiful candle with your other half or even just yourself. Sit back and pat yourself on the back and really take in that feeling of being a new home owner!

3. Lockdown blues – It seems almost everyone in Australia has experienced lockdown of some sort. Bourke is currently in lockdown which means copious hours of being stuck inside (eek). Nothing beats lighting your favourite candle to really lift the mood or use the lockdown as a time to relax. Run yourself a bath, take your favourite candle, some music and just zone out for a little while…… or at least until the kids find you!’

4. We will miss you dearly – When one of your closest friends moves away or a work colleague changes jobs, a candle is the perfect sentimental gift to say farewell before their next adventure.

We boast a huge range of candles and there’s bound to be a smell & brand for you. Have a look; you won’t be disappointed.