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Meet our 360 cup… supporting independent drinking, with a twist!

Great for littlies that are learning to drink, our 360 cup lets kids sip from a super-soft silicone, lip-activated 360 ° drinking rim. Offering flow control (the firmer they press the more liquid will flow) and less spills, the silicone rim seals closed when not in clever!

Wide profile handles are easy for little hands to grip for self-led drinking and offer two-mode function for use at home and on-the-go. Twist handles down to expose the silicone rim for easy drinking, then twist handles up to lock and seal for no leaks in bags or prams, plus the silicone rim stays clean and hygienic.

The clear lid lets kids see from the outside in, to support tilting and drinking and hand-eye coordination. The clear cup lets folks monitor daily hydration.

250ml capacity suitable for cool and warm liquid. Cup base is microwave safe. All parts are dishwasher + steriliser safe. Available in 4 fun colour combinations.