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Store and serve healthy, homemade baby purees and more in our versatile fill + freeze, stackable food storage bowls.

Now you can prepare in bulk and easily fill, label, stack and freeze your homemade baby food. Then when bub is hungry at home or on-the-go simply heat and serve. Yum!

Wide bowl opening lets you fill directly from your saucepan, blender, or spoon. Clear lid lets you see what’s inside and can be labelled with a pencil or marker. Bowls clip and stack together to store in the fridge or freezer. Hinged flip lid keeps the bowl stable and food securely sealed when on-the-go. Lid can be removed for thorough cleaning. Dishwasher and steriliser safe.

Each bowl is divided into two portions to support weaning baby from 4 months plus. Each pack contains three bowls, offering six total portions so you can play with flavours and increase servings to suit baby’s growing appetite.

ideal for baby weaning and feeding from 4 months
prepare baby food in bulk and freeze for future use
wide opening lets you easily fill, less mess
flip lid seals closed for easy store and travel
bowls clip and stack together to store in fridge or freezer
clear lid lets you see inside, and label with a marker or pencil
heat in microwave (lid open) and feed direct from bowl
pop portions out of flexible silicone bowl and serve
3 bowls in each pack, equals 6 portions
designed to pair with our fill + feed reusable food pouch (sold separately)
dishwasher (top rack) and steriliser safe for easy cleaning, ready to reuse
85ml capacity per bowl, or 42.5ml per portion