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Offering more ways to snack! Our silicone snack cups have been designed to fit inside the lunchbox and mini lunchbox to create additional compartments for added variety. The cups can be used at full size or folded down to suit lunchbox compartments (and appetites!) Ideal for separating and containing bite size foods, soggy crackers and runaway grapes will be a thing of the past.

create additional compartments in your lunchbox for greater snack variety
keep different foods separate, and contained, for less mess
unique foldable silicone creates different size options
ideal for bento and wholefoods lunchboxes - use in the non-sealed sections of your lunchbox
use as a standalone container with lid
oven safe to 230°C - bake snacks directly in cups then add to lunchboxes!
microwave safe - heat in intervals of 30 seconds and stir thoroughly. Test food temperature before serving
reduce reliance on single use items
volume capacity - base 150 ml, lid 170 ml
food grade silicone, BPA free