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Curry Traders Madras Curry Express Kit
Curry Traders Madras Curry Express Kit

Curry Traders Madras Curry Express Kit

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Madras is a typical, strong South Indian curry blend that packs hot heat that you will love. The Madras Curry Express Kit contain pre-ground spices including coriander, cumin, fenugreek, fennel, turmeric, and more for a traditional take on this timeless dish.

This delicious recipe uses chicken, beef or lamb as a main ingredient to serve with this tomato and coconut cream-based sauce. The Madras Curry Express Kit can easily substitute other types of meat or veggies to suit your taste and the flexibility allows for a unique flavour every time. For a traditional take on a Madras curry, add chicken, chopped tomatoes, coconut cream, onion and a few other basic ingredients to create this tasty dish.

This meal can be prepped, cooked and served in less than 25 minutes, making it a perfect go-to meal for a busy week. Serve with a side of rice or bread and add a lemon and natural yogurt for extra flavours. This dish is sure to be a new favourite and is versatile among diets and eating lifestyles as a gluten-free dish with 100% natural and pure ingredients and no preservatives. This express pack will be a favourite choice for your kitchen whether it’s a busy day or a craving for a satisfying home cooked meal.

This Madras Curry is hot in heat.

Serves 6.

Make with chicken, beef or lamb or whatever takes your fancy.

Tomato and coconut cream based.

A typical, strong South Indian curry blend.
100% Pure Natural
No Preservatives
Gluten Free