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Fat Brain Spiroku
Fat Brain Spiroku

Fat Brain Spiroku

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Not your typical stack-and-nest toy.

The weirdly-shaped pieces can be stacked and arranged any way you want. The vibrant colours are fascinating. The unique contours are inspiring!

But then, nest them together, pull up on the smallest, and let your jaw drop.

The whole thing stretches into a tall, spiralling tower! - It's like magic!

Beautifully un-intuitive design inspires hours of tactile discovery with SpiroKu.
Unique stacking cylinders that stretch into a tall tower
Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, experimentation, creativity
Stack and arrange cylinders creatively
Vibrant colours fascinate the eyes, unique contours inspire imagination
Nest them together, pull on the smallest - Stretches into a tower!
Includes 9 cylinders sized big to small
22 inches tall when stretched into a tower
Largest cylinder measures roughly 4 inches in diameter
High-quality ABS plastic - BPA-free