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Penny Scallan Bamboo Mealtime Set - Kanga Crew *sale*

Penny Scallan Bamboo Mealtime Set - Kanga Crew *sale*

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Our Bamboo Mealtime Set is more durable than ceramic or glass, and more eco-friendly than plastic. It’s made from bamboo fibre, which is tough yet lightweight, making it safer and easier for little ones who like to cart their snacks around the house.

The adorable designs inside the bowl and plate keep littlies interested in their meal — and the matching fork, spoon and cup are a great way to help babies transition from bottles and purees to solids

Show your little one the fun pictures on the plate and bowl
Fill the plate and bowl with food, covering up the pictures
Hand over the matching fork and spoon and encourage them to gobble up their food to find the pictures again.

Top Shelf Dishwasher Safe
BPA, PVC and Phthalate-Free
Made from Bamboo Fibre
1x Bowl
1x Plate
1x Cup
1x Spoon
1x Fork
Ages 6 months — 6 years