Rainforest Plum Sweet Chili 250ml Jar

Rainforest Plum Sweet Chili 250ml Jar

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A tart and fruity Sweet Chili Sauce with the wonderful tang of the Davidsons Rainforest Plum. Just enough chili to enhance the palate without burning your gob off or overpowering the feature food.

The use of fresh garlic makes it pungent & robust whilst the ginger adds faintly to the palate and nasal qualities of this special sauce. Makes a great gift for your next dinner party or for that difficult to buy for person.

Delicious as a dipping sauce with all finger foods, seafood, chicken and tofu dishes. Serve with cream cheese for a great party dip. Also, can be used in sauces, marinades and dips for a unique taste sensation.

Ingredients: Davidsons Rainforest Plums (39%), cane sugar, whole fresh chili, white wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, fresh pink ginger, fresh garlic, Blue Mountains spring water, maize starch.