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Rosella Jam 230g Jar

Rosella Jam 230g Jar

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A Super Tasty spread made from hibiscus (rosella) flowers (the same as those used in our Wild Hibiscus Flowers in Syrup for champagne). A bright crimson, very chunky jam with a tart flavour similar to raspberry and rhubarb with a whopping 60% rosella content.

Rosella Jam is a Queensland traditional favourite. These days it is very hard to find unless you are driving around rural Queensland where you can find it at farmers markets and roadside stalls.

Use on fresh scones, ice cream or toast and anywhere you would like to add some super tasty raspberry or rhubarb highlights.

Can be used in Chutneys and sauces for something different to the usual, mix with some BBQ sauce or salsa and serve as a spicy chutney. Delicious smothered on thick white toast in the morning, or freshly baked bread.

Ingredients: Rosella hibiscus sabdariffa (60%), cane sugar, citrus pectin.